About the project: Stamp set with the theme, love using the style of the Spanish illustrator María Medem.
Vivid gradients, playful illustrations, and thought-provoking abstractions are just a few of the themes that Spain-based artist María Medem brings to her work. As a recognition of Medem’s transcendent artwork, this group of designers teamed up to create a special set of United States postal stamps. 
Pulling from Medem’s published works such as Satori (2018), Cenit (2018), as well as her Instagram and Tumblr, this group of designers aimed to create a piece highlighting Medem’s contributions to the world of design while staying true to her personal style. 
This piece is meant to represent love, and how love takes form in even the most minute settings. What is it that makes the blood flow rush to your cheeks; what is it that makes those butterflies stir in your stomach? One of Medem’s greatest talents is storytelling with little to no words, and this is part of what makers her work so unique and compelling. 
Inspired by her powerful imagery and illustrations, these stamps each serve as an homage to Medem’s simplistic yet compelling style. These stamps were designed as a way to share Medem’s powerful artistry with others in a way that is easily enjoyable and light-hearted. If you aren’t familiar with her work yet, then consider this a call to action. 
You can find more of Medem’s personal and commissioned work on her instagram page @mariamedem, or her tumblr mariamedem.tumblr.com.

Made in group with: Alex Buitrago and Shanelle Bautista

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