Hi, I'm MJ Díaz Díaz Art Director, Creative, Illustrator

"Never lose your muchness" Alice in Wonderland

Cookie Lessons for All
The Oreo Braille campaign will initiate Braille learning to educate all children with visual impairment and without visual impairment using the Oreo cookie as a learning tool.
We won't wait
Potty Parity refers to providing men and women with equal access to public toilets. It is an issue of gender discrimination that is both under-discussed and highly experienced. And it is the reason women wait in public restroom lines 34% times longer than men.
Let's Get Sexuall
Campaign to champion sex for people with disabilities. This was worked along with Art Director Aditi Sobti and Kailee Taija, my role here was of Art Direction, concepting, case video producer and also illustrator.
Leave No Colors Behind
Product development and campaign to advertise the launch of "Enchroma X Nissan" window tint for color deficiency. My role in this project was Art Direction, Case Study Video Production, Narration and Creative Direction Worked along with Art Director Gloria Martinez.
Pulanka - Piso Interactivo
Pulanka is an interactive floor that is based on hopscotch. This incorporates various interaction game dynamics. Prototype project.
Map My Summer
Video mapping project, experimenting with new technologies and design.
Castriotti & Co.
Graduation Project for Bachelor's in Graphic Design. Re Branding of Castriotti & Co. products. This project includes, illustration, packaging, branding and concepting.
Stamp set
Stamp set designed using Maria Medem's illustration style. This stamp set wants to visually define little acts of love. Worked with Copywriters Alex Buitriago and Shanelle Bautista. My role as an Art Director included the illustrations and concepting of the stamp set.
Magazine Covers
This project includes how different art movements like Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, Experiential would would look as magazine covers for Nikki Minaj. Worked with Alex Buitriago and Shanelle Bautista, my role here was Art Direction.
Beatles in Mumbai
Illustration and concept for concert of the Beatles in Mumbai. Using only illustrations, we had to show a merge of the two concepts, The Beatles and Mumbai.
100 days of sketch
Some of my favorite Illustrations made during the 100 days of sketch challenge on Instagram.
Never lose your muchness
Wood block print lettering art, this project was executed with the purpose of experiencing with different mediums.
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